Mattress Breathability

Mattress Breathability

Why Mattress Breathability Counts

The breathability of a mattress directly impacts many comfort, health, and performance issues. What do we mean by mattress breathability? It refers to how well the materials in a mattress allow air to circulate, transport moisture, and stay dry.

We create a warm, humid sleep environment each night by climbing into bed and falling asleep. That's because we generate body heat and perspiration. In fact, we all perspire (and respire) about a cup each night. Our mattress is exposed to this heat and moisture. It must manage these conditions efficiently to provide comfortable, restorative sleep and mattress longevity.

The Impact on Comfort and Health

When moisture in a mattress is trapped and allowed to build up, our body temperature rises, we continue to sweat, our heart rate and blood pressure rise, our breathing is irregular, and we often wake up. Our sleep is disturbed. We're uncomfortable. And rather than being refreshed and restored, our sleep has given our body a workout. Trapped moisture also facilitates the growth of natural allergens such as molds, mildew, and dust mites.

A mattress construction that promotes air flow and allows perspiration to evaporate helps our bodies cool themselves effectively and maintain a comfortable body temperature. Our bodies reach delta sleep and are able to truly rest and restore. And because the mattress is drier, the presence of allergens is reduced, which has a positive impact on nighttime breathing.

The Link Between Breathability and Durability

A breathable mattress does more than create a healthy, comfortable sleep environment. It helps mitigate wear due to heat and moisture, both of which lead to material degradation and premature wear. Many conventional mattresses are topped with polyester and polyurethane foam or memory foam, which are especially vulnerable to environmental stress. Under the weight, heat, and humidity of your body, this non-breathable fabric and cushioning all too often compress prematurely creating uncomfortable, unsupportive body imprints and sag.

The European Sleep Works Solution

European Sleep Works does it differently. The components in our mattresses help reduce humidity and promote air flow in multiple ways. Our mattress cover is cotton quilted with a highly breathable lining of pure, lightweight wool that conducts moisture away from the body, allows air to circulate, and encourages water vapor to evaporate. Our coils and our flexible slat system both provide constant airflow in and around your bed. Together, these components create a drier, cleaner, more durable mattress—and healthier, deeper, more comfortable sleep.