Built for performance, health, and value.

What Makes a Mattress Great?

It's the question we’ve asked ourselves for 40 years. It has led us to experiment, innovate, and look outside the industry norm for answers. What have we found? A great mattress is comfortable and good to your body. It’s durable and fairly priced.

A Different Approach

To build a great mattress, we found we had to take a different approach from the conventional mattress market. We use natural, non-toxic, high-performance materials: Eco-certified stretch-knit cotton, Merino wool, natural latex foam, and steel coils. Our mattresses are designed to respond with sensitivity to the weight and shape of the body for pressure reduction, stability, and comfort.

Our Models

Latex Classic — Natural latex support and comfort
Our all-natural latex mattress finished with a 2" layer of Talalay latex for extra comfort.
Latex HDM — Latex support with greater breathability and contour
Latex support with greater breathability and contour.
Alpine Classic — Deep contour, reliable support, true comfort
Our classic, European-style coil and latex mattress built for comfort and durability.
Alpine HDM — A modern take on our Alpine Classic
An updated version of the Alpine Classic, the Alpine HDM features our unique HD Microcoil. 
Nordic HDM — The perfect combination of luxury and support
A luxurious combination of contour and support. Soft natural latex and two unique coil layers are topped with our HD Microcoil. 
Calico HDM — Our premiere mattress for lavish comfort
Our most sophisticated design, Calico HDM is supremely relaxing and luxurious.
Our Children's Mattress — All-natural and made just for kids
A simple, eco-certified twin-sized mattress provides your child with a healthy sleep environment. 

Performance Components

A flexible, adjustable slat suspension foundation. Replaces a box spring. Provides individualized support and effectively reduces contact pressure.

A independent component to add significant loft, soft support, and a luxurious feel.  Because it is free-floating, it is removable and replaceable. Made of all-natural latex, wool, and stretch-knit cotton.

Made from eco-certified stretch-knit cotton and durable all-natural latex, our Sleep Wedge is designed to gently elevate the head and torso while supporting comfortable back and side sleeping.


European-made, independent steel coils offer mattress longevity, stability, and contour.
Wool quilting is naturally flame retardant and transports moisture away from the body. Helps create optimal sleep environment.
Anti-allergenic, all-natural latex combines elasticity for maximum pressure reduction with strength for minimal wear.
Mattress covers lined in stretch-knit cotton help ensure a breathable, responsive, healthy mattress surface.