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At European Sleep Works, we’re known for our mattresses. However, a few years ago we began research on another product. After a year of development, we introduced the Oxygen Pillow. The O2 pillow has since become an integral part of our sleep system and over the years, we’ve collected many satisfied customers. The way the […]

Did you know nearly 40 percent of Americans suffer from a form of sleep apnea? Do you know if you’re one of those Americans? If you are, what are you doing to treat your apnea? CPAP? Surgery? Have you ever thought about doing tongue exercises? According to a study published in The American Journal of […]

Two questions: 1. Do you suffer from sleep apnea? 2. Do you use a CPAP machine? If you answersed yes to #1, but no to #2, here’s one more question: 3. Are you considering a CPAP machine? If so, take a look at SleepGuide. This forum is moderated by someone who spent many years searching […]