Natural fibers like eco-certified cotton and Merino wool offer the same benefits of thermal performance and comfort when used top-of-bed that they do in your mattress. That’s why we offer a complete selection of natural bedding—from mattress pads to pillows.


We import dye-free organic cotton sheet sets, duvet covers, and blankets from Portugal and wool and camel hair-filled duvets and pillows from Slovenia. And we make our own dye-free stretch-knit cotton mattress pads and pillow covers, as well as the all-natural latex Oxygen Pillow. Our exceptionally breathable, sumptuous bedding provides the perfect complement to your European Sleep Works mattress.



Eco-Certified Cotton

With its inherent softness and breathability, cotton is the natural choice for a healthy, comfortable sleep experience. From mattress pads and pillow covers, to sheets and blankets, we source eco-certified cotton fabrics from Portugal to provide the highest quality cotton bedding.

Merino Wool

High-crimp Merino wool provides insulation, breathability, and moisture absorption, allowing your body to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature. Wool's intrinsic aridity discourages dust mites.

Camel Hair

Thanks to baby-fine soft fibers, camel hair feels like eiderdown inside a comforter, but offers the thermo-regulation benefits of wool. Camel hair-filled comforters stand out for their superior warmth, loft, and breathability. An ideal combination of luxury and performance.

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Premium comforters for all seasons, Odeja Bio Natural comforters from Slovenia are filled with superfine Merino lambswool or Mongolian camel hair, creating light, airy covers that also provide exceptional warmth. Odeja comforters come in luxury sizes—90”x 96” for a Queen, 108” x 96” for a King. All comforters may be snapped together, allowing you to customize the weight of your bedding according to the season.

Natura Pura

Organically-grown, 100% long staple Peruvian cotton grows in three natural hues—sage, ecru, and cocoa—eliminating the need for chemical dyes. The untampered cotton fiber creates the soft, supple feel unique to this bedding.